Custom Design Service

As the customers want to have their own solution and design, the custom design business is growing in our business territory. Although the customers found right components and a solution, they might face difficulty or spend a lot of time to create their own module, then we are ready to provide one stop service circuit design, PCB art work, sample build and even evaluation. We are fully equipped for design.

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Sensor Solution Providing

Our roll is to help customer choose right sensing solution, we can provide guide line with our sensor technology and experience. Simulation or working data acquisition through Lab-view show the customer way to fine the fastest decision. Our long experienced engineers will support you to find not only correct solution but also right parts, process and even mass production set-up.

Dahlson | Business - Sensor Solution Providing

OEM Business

Please find package drawings we have as OEM solution, customer can design with our open tool packages. We can provide Fabrication, packaging, Test and packing. We have strategic manufacturing partners who can offer good quality, cost effective manufacturing solutions certified in ISO 9001, 14001, TS 16949. we are working very closely and cooperating for all process steps from incoming to outgoing.

Distribution And Representatives

We always welcome new sources and partners who want to get into the world market and Korean market, We have various customers in broad range applications supporting with experienced technical skills. We are ready to cooperate with confidence. We are specially taking care of opto-electronics, ultrasonic solutions for industrial, medical, automotive, OA market.