About Us


Dahlson was born by customer needs, our all activities are to satisfy various customer needs and solve customer technical issues. We are supplying sensors based on opto-electronics and ultrasonic technology, we focus on skilled technical support, we don’t just understand only component, but also applications, how components are used in. We are working with broad range customers and supporting for lots of applications in Medical, Industrial, OA , consumer market.

Our Capability

Opto-electrical parts

Fabrication service

Customizing service (modularization, sorted LED, Filtered detector)

Ultrasonic solutions (flow, air-bubble detection)

OEM business (Semiconductor packaging, Testing)

Failure analysis capability (SAT, High-scope, Electrical parameter analyzer)

Reliability test service

Our Mission

To fulfill our customer’s needs with our sensor products, wide source range and application experience.

To focus on engineering service, technical support, competitive pricing and service excellence.

To be reliable supplier with good relationship, excellent responsibility and stable supply.

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